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Inheritors of Chance

To what end do our choices determine who we are? How much of our identity is built from factors beyond our control? Genetics, chance encounters, family, biochemistry, and the situations we are born in all play roles in determining the people we become.


My paintings explore the notions of chance and predestination. Through quasi-surreal imagery and personal symbolism, I explore the interplay of nature and nurture as they are influenced by the inconceivable amount of chance that contributes to whom we are destined to become. All paintings for the show, “Inheritors of Chance”, flow into one another in a large band that wraps around the walls. These are meant to simultaneously be interpreted as a cohesive narrative, as well as independent pieces with their individualized focus on attributes of our lives dictated by the role of chance. 


My current work is mark and color-driven focusing on both the figurative and the surreal.  My calligraphic mark-making is meant to create a sense of movement and flux as a representation of the ever-present dynamism and persistent change in our world and in our lives. This style of mark-making is also dependent on pre-ideation and, of course, chance.

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