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Extended until October 28th!!!

Opening Reception is September 16th at Modfellows Art Gallery Check it out during its month-long run!

I'm thrilled to be paired with Dooby Tomkins for the show. Dooby and I have been close friends since 1986, when we met in Kindergarten. He was even the best man at my wedding 12 years ago.

Dooby and I are close confidants and supporters of each other in our artistic endeavors. I rely on and trust the feedback that he gives me just as I rely on and trust him as a friend.

Dooby's work is mind-bogglingly intricate and explosive simultaneously. His hand-cut paper artwork is a testament to his patience as a technician and to his visionary interpretations of the spectacle, perceptions, and modern anxieties.

My stuff is my stuff. If you've been here, you know.


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