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Inverted Dreams

As my work has evolved, there is one omnipresent theme; change. Specifically, the way that people change and become their "self." I am fascinated with the interplay between chance, perceptions, the influence of others, and mystical experiences in the role of the evolution of personhood.


This series of works deals with the simultaneous separation and interconnection of inward and outward realities; the reality of the inner self and the external reality of the world. The work blends personal perceptions of both realities in a manner that connects them through a cosmic structure that bridges the void between them. It is this structure that allows, in each moment, the two realities to influence one another. The unceasing influence and reaction to one another is constant. This results in the way we change both the world around us and within us.


My mark-making is meant to not only represent but also embody the ideas of adaptation and change.  The marks flow and morph into one another, merging to create and recreate the figures. The marks come from a place of intuition that creates an ever-changing dialogue between the artist and the artwork. The concepts and intentions underlying the artwork are thus allowed change and evolve through this conversation.

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