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Modfellows Art Gallery presents Inheritors of Chance, a series by the artist Andy King that
explores the impact of the controllable and uncontrollable elements of our lives. The flowing
illustrations, expressed in a distinctive oil painting style on canvas, provide spiritual motifs that
assist in the significance of the surrounding pieces in the collection. Each piece produces
dramatic emotions that are exceptionally clear to viewers from their own perspectives. The
collection, displayed in the Modfellows - WeHo location, is intentionally presented in
sequential order throughout the gallery to allow each art piece to connect and reflect the meaning
of each surrounding creation.

Inheritors of Chance is a collection that presents gracefully, rolling imagery that allows the
pieces to define stability and disorder as well as everything that lies between. The movement of
the oil painting strokes, accompanied by the everchanging texture and colors, captures the
metaphorical meaning in the evolving direction of life based on various forms of chance. The use
of smooth curvature and gentle shades suggests the inheriting elements that provide the
grounding aspects of a being's self and course throughout life. This insightful symbolism,
conveyed through this form of dramatized imagery, vividly reveals the brilliance, often
overlooked, in the space between unintentional and preordination. Each art piece in the
collection can be distinctively characterized by its colorful features and strict yet flowing lining.
King’s intention is to express the beauty often unrecognized in the instinctive components of
an individual’s life.

Andy King is originally from Gallatin, TN, and developed a passion for the visual arts and artistic
expression at a young age. In 2004, Andy graduated from Sewanee: The University of South, where
he earned a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Education and Environmental Science. Later, in
2015, he attended the Academy of Arts University, where he earned an MA in Visual Art
Education. King currently teaches at the University School of Nashville and works on his
artwork regularly.

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