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Substantiated Awakening

These paintings embody a longing for a form of fulfillment. They are drenched with themes of searching, denying, and accepting a resonate edification. As defined by halos and orbs, moments of epiphany and discovery, paired with the birth of new thought and ideology announce themselves. Quiet revelations of encounters and denials are detailed in figures identified through prayerful, and languishing poses paired as they encounter different stages of Awakening.


Though I am not a religious person, I borrow heavily from religious and mystic symbolism, much in the tradition of the Symbolist Painters from the late 19th Century. The paintings are imbued with provocative ambiguity focusing on the relationships of a few figures and objects. 


When I begin my first layers of these paintings, I have some idea of what is going to form, but I leave a lot of space for the artwork to lead me in different directions. There is a delicate balance between adaptation, and preideation so that the act of creating these works is a reflection of the imagery within. That search for revelation is realized in the artwork itself as chance and reaction usher the artwork into its final form. Only then do I analyze what my unconscious mind is revealing to my waking self. The images generate a visual language that I must decode and then refine. At times, the vocabulary of this language seems foreign and incomplete. We are forced to interpret fragments of a dreamscape, filling in context through our personal lens of experiences in hopes that a personal revelation is uncovered. 

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