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Warning: The concepts featured on this page are under

construction and always in a state of flux.

Transformative Encounters

Spiritual epiphany, internal realizations, and conversations that broaden your perspective can all be classified as moments of transformation. This body of work explores these instances of revelation through the use of surreal imagery. Pairing religious and mystical symbolism with a  visual vocabulary developed in past works, I investigate the notion of momentous and drastic changes in an individual’s perception of the world. Inherent in these works is a quiet longing for such a revelation. 


At one time, I had strong religious faith. I remember fondly the feelings of religious fulfillment. But as I grew and broadened my perspectives on faith and life, I abandoned my religious faith. I cannot imagine going back. Yet, feelings of desiderium, a sense of longing and grief for something lost, have persisted remaining unaddressed until recently. I inhabit a strange place where I both lament and resent something I consciously decided to abandon.


At times this abandonment leaves me feeling aimless and powerless in a chaotic world. At other times, I feel as if there is a deep part of my being that is left empty. After abandoning my search for spiritual fulfillment and to uncover and discover deeper truths for a long period of time, I am using these paintings as a starting point to reflect and reevaluate my spiritual connection to the world and the greater rhythms of all being. 


These themes combine in varying degrees of obscurity with my fascination with other forms of revelation through external forces, both natural as well as mystical. And exploring the concept that at any moment, an interaction, a thought, a conversation, or a gesture can profoundly change how one perceives existence and how one interacts with others and the world which we all inhabit.

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